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TITLE: My Hero: The Olympian

SERIES: My Hero Series #2



LENGTH: 129,600 words approx

RELEASE DATE: November 15, 2015

BLURB: After a romantic evening, Rich and Johnny face the light of day as a couple. Johnny’s coming out forces them to face some serious repercussions as the world of collegian jocks adjust to their first openly gay football player.

Rich is still working towards the World Diving Championships with his hopes and dreams set on the 2012 London Olympic Games, while as a couple they deal with concerns closer to home.

With the support of friends and family, the young couple grow closer together, but with prejudices and adversity at every turn will Johnny and Rich be able to tackle the world together?

No matter what, Rich will always be Johnny’s hero.


“Well, what happened?” Rich answered on the first ring.
“Damn, don’t I even get a hello first?”
“Oh hell, John, I’ve been on pins and needles for almost three hours. You’re gonna make me say ‘hello’ first?” Rich’s voice had risen, in both volume and tenor.
“Okay, okay,” Johnny sighed with exaggeration. “Meet me at the Student Center and let’s have dinner. I’m starving.”
“What?” Rich practically screeched.
“Listen babe, everything is fine. I’ll tell you all the gory details when I see you. But really, I’m so hungry right now my stomach thinks my throat’s been cut.”
Rich had to laugh. “Aw, poor baby. Okay, I’ll be right there.”
Rich picked up his coat and keys, and made his way out of the dorm. I should really learn how to cook. Keeping Johnny fed is looking more and more like a job unto itself, and he’s still growing.
He made his way through the food line, picking his food carefully. It was getting a little late for a heavy meal, so he decided to keep it light. He ended up carrying broiled fish, several steamed veggies, and a side salad into the dining room.
It didn’t take long for him to spot Johnny, who was surrounded by a group of his teammates. Oh, great. The goon-squad. Just how I wanted to eat dinner. Rich forced a smile and made his way to the table. He could hear their seemingly endless banter from several tables away.
“Hey babe,” Johnny greeted Rich, halfway standing up before kissing him on the cheek. Rich froze, waiting for either a lightning bolt or the beat-down he knew was sure to come. “Here’s a seat for you. Although I had to push that big jerk out of it,” Johnny said, pointing to Palema Fialua, the huge Samoan center, who paused just long enough to look up and smile before returning to his attack on a huge plate of pasta.
“Hey man, pull up a seat,” said another player with dreadlocks on the opposite side of the table.
Rich sat down and looked around the table. It was full. There had to be at least ten of the big guys sitting around shoveling food into their faces, talking, being a little rowdy, but nothing over the top. All of them seemed to be in good humor and not paying him that much attention, only acknowledging him as he sat down. He looked at Johnny, who gave him one of those lopsided smiles, his eyes sparkling. He looked around the table again and felt dwarfed. There wasn’t one guy there that didn’t make up two of him. They were all huge.
Rich leaned close to Johnny. “You want to tell me what the fuck is goin’ on here?”
Johnny smiled broadly. “Yeah, I’ll tell you all about it.”
“Rich, right?” asked the voice across from him. “D’Andre,” the guy said, introducing himself and extending his long arm across the table. “Your big guy here and I are roomies.”

Rich looked at Johnny’s beaming face and then back at D’Andre. “Um, nice to meet you,” he croaked out as he shook the large hand. Turning back to Johnny he whispered, “Am I like, in an alternate universe or something?”



Max Vos is the bestselling author of My Hero. He is loved by his readers for his ‘inappropriate’ side, bringing hot and steamy sex to his writing. Not hemmed in by a single genre Max has the ability to woo you with sweet romance, move you with the power of his words and make you question your definition of love. 

Having retired in 2011 after more than 30 years as a chef, Max turned his creativity to writing. You can always find wonderful Southern charm, well rounded and vibrant characters with a good meaty story line in a Max Vos book. Each book will give you something new and amazing to love.

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Winner’s Prize: E-copies of My Hero and My Hero: The Olympian

Runner Up’s Prize: E-copy of My Hero: The Olympian


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