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BOOK BLAST: The Minder by Catherine L Byrne plus #Giveaway! #MMromance #Mystery

Author Name: Catherine L Byrne
Book Name: The Minder
Release Date: July 15, 2015
Pages or Words: 92 pages
Categories: Gay fiction, M/M Romance, Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: Extasy Books
Cover Artist: Latrisha Waters

When down-on-his-luck minder Chase takes on a job for a fading gangster, the job and his charge both turn out to be very different to what he expected. Someone is trying to sabotage the mobster’s business and doesn’t care who they hurt in the process. Soon Chase finds himself on the run with his charge, trying to carry out a friend’s last wishes before their pursuers catch up with them.


They sneaked down the stairs and along the corridor like ghosts, the voices of the killers shouting in the distance. Chase went first and they reached the long, white kitchen. The spare sets of car keys were in a box by the back door so people could take or return them on the way out. He had just grabbed one when Jody clutched his arm.

“I have to go back for my phone,” he hissed.

“Really? You little—” But Jody had a point. They needed phones to communicate. “I’ll come with you. Just a sec.” He pointed the key through the window blinds at the parked cars lining the driveway by the garage and the red Ferrari 458 flashed its lights. “Nice.”

“Come on.” Jody pulled his arm again and they crept out of the kitchen towards the stairs and Jody’s bedroom.

They reached Jody’s room and it only took him a few minutes to locate the phone and shove it in his pocket. Then Chase remembered something.

“Quick, come with me.” He steered Jody into Tony’s office, unlocked the safe, took out stacks of notes and put them in his rucksack.

“What are you doing?” Jody glared at him. “Stealing?”

Chase pushed him against the wall—no time for pleasantries. “Listen, we’ve got to go or they’ll kill us too,” he snarled in Jody’s face. “Understand? Come with me or I’ll leave you to them.”

Jody gulped and nodded, his brown eyes wide.

“Good.” Chase let him go and dragged him out of the office and down the stairs.

About the author:

Catherine L Byrne writes stories about relationships which push buttons and provoke reactions from readers. She writes about both gay and straight relationships, depending on which characters in her books shout the loudest to have their stories told. 

An inquisitive author, she prefers writing about different situations in each book rather than writing a series about the same one—her stories range from 10th century Viking Britain, to modern educational settings and from mystery to romance. 

As she was born and bred in England and lives there with her family, this infuses her books with a distinctly English tone. She has been writing since as long as she can remember and Extasy Books have published her novels since 2014.

Author Q&A

·         Tell us a little bit about yourself.

·         I live in a village in the south of England with my husband, daughter and new hamster.  I’ve lived all over Britain really—Wales, London, the south, the midlands. I’ve done lots of different jobs too—bank clerk, librarian, charity worker, receptionist, advice line advisor, photocopying assistant, teacher, learning support assistant!

·         If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
·         I can’t choose one really. Jessica DeGarmo, Diane Nelson, Merry Farmer, Jon Bradbury, Lilian Kendrick, George Polley and so many more. So many on my Facebook friends list that I have met online since I joined a writing site in 2010. All so helpful, supportive and kind. I don’t think I’ve met an unhelpful author, certainly not any I’ve kept in touch with.

·         What book are you reading now?

·         The Love of Wicked Men part 1 by Brandon Shire. It was free so I was wary but in fact it’s really absorbing. I suppose knowing that he has a huge, obsessed fan club should have told me that! I like the way he completely throws expectations near the end of the book—you think the characters are one thing then they turn out to be something else. I like unpredictable things happening in books.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my book on your blog today :)

    1. Thank YOU for stopping by Catherine--please come back any time!

    2. I've enjoyed visiting, I'd love to come again. I like your unique blog, its very stylish and different :)

  2. Catherine, you are a new to me author and I'm adding this to my TBR list. How do you come up with ideas for your books? On occasion, my imagination runs a muck but I don't think I could ever put together a book. Reading is my talent. LOL Thanks so much for a chance in the giveaway.

    1. Hello flutterfli. If you'd like, read this blog post by me on Sinfully Sexy Books, it explains how I thought of The Minder.
      But truthfully, I don't really know where my ideas come from, they pop up in my mind, or I just get an idea for a character and they have their own story to tell. The secret is, most authors aren't in control of their characters or stories, they just turn up and we write down what they say. Very mysterious ;)

  3. I am a newbie. What got you into writing in this genre and do any of your friends think you should or should not?

    1. Hi Felicia.
      It probably sounds odd, but I began writing gay or M/M stories a few years ago because I noticed that one of my Viking characters in a previous book was gay, and he wanted a boyfriend, so I wrote a book about him with a boyfriend and the difficult time they had because homosexuality was illegal in those days. The story involved murder and a kind of whodunnit, and I decided I liked writing gay romance/ suspense type stories. So I carried on but changed to a contemporary setting instead because I realised I find that easier than historical.
      The second part of your question- well, due to me writing gay romances I've certainly found out who are my open minded and who are my non open minded friends!