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INTERVIEW: JC Wallace plus #Giveaway! #MMRomance #Mpreg

Today we welcome back my bestie and BB (big brother!) JC Wallace who holds the honor of being *THE MOST FREQUENT* Hat Party guest <3 Coming to us with a brand new hat, a giveaway, and a story that's *very* special to me's JC!

Describe your muse to us!

My muse, well, I think he’s a horny, perverted, man-loving, complicated plot-loving, evil sadist! (insert maniacal laugh here)

If you could take a writing holiday, where would you go and what project would you dedicate yourself to?

Somewhere alone, in the woods maybe (but I have to have internet!). I wouldn’t plan on  writing anything. I’d just go and start writing and see where it leads.

What do you think exists at the heart of the universe?

Heaven. Pure love and acceptance and light.

Your lives now hang on winning a game of darts. Are you going to die?

Hell yes!

What do you think it means to be an author?

To love writing enough to put your hopes and dreams out there for others to see and judge.

What one word is most beautiful to your ears or eyes?


Tell us about a time you were brave.

When I told my family and friends that I am transgender. Scariest thing ever!

How have you changed as a writer since the first time you visited The Hat Party?

Wow. Well, I am more confident in the entire publishing route. Formatting, editing, submitting, then after acceptance, all of the other editing and paperwork that comes after. I am also more intimate with the whole MM genre and the structure, publishers, and the themes coming out in the writing. I’m also more reserved. I never got published to get rich or famous. I knew not everyone would like my writing. I have had some nice reviews and some not so nice. Overall, what I’ve found is that I have a style and a voice in what I write and, while I always strive to increase my skills in writing, I don’t need to change my voice/style. Also, I don’t write what’s popular and marketable. If I try to do this, I start to hate writing. Many people like my writing and that’s good enough for me.

Because we all know there is one, what’s the dark side of being a published author?

Breaking down and reading reviews. Reviews can suck the life and confidence out of you    quicker than anything. And you could have 10 good reviews and that 1 negative review will wipe out the rest.

 And finally, when they send the first dachshund into space, what will his/her awesome astronaut name be?


(Raine says: Klaus approves!)

~ ~ ~

Jerricho never expected to fall in love with Rex, the sexy, construction foreman but he did. Too bad tradition forbids Jerry from marrying for love. Prince of the clandestine Anzuni demon clan, a Baelso (bearer of children), and a virgin at twenty-four, tradition dictates that Jerry marry a man chosen for him. Despite his soul deep love for Rex, Jerry has no choice but to follow through with his obligation as prince and marry someone he doesn’t love.

But Jerry isn’t prepared for his dominant, aggressive fiancé who is only interested in marrying him for the future title of king. Facing the reality that he will lose his virginity to the cold man, Jerry flees to Rex for one night of passion. When Jerry finds himself pregnant with Rex’s baby, the actions of his enraged fiancé release Jerry from his marriage obligation.

Just when Jerry believes he will marry for love, he and Rex are ripped from away life as they know it. Betrayals, kidnappings, cruel experiments, pregnant men, and the reappearance of the Anzuni’s greatest enemy force Jerry and Rex to fight for their lives… their love… and their unborn child.


“Is there a problem here?” The familiar deep voice buzzed through Jerry’s body.
Rex stepped close to Jerry, and Steve quickly backed up with a nervous laugh. “Nope, it’s all cool. See you guys tomorrow.” His hasty retreat was anything but smooth.
Keith smirked. “It’s all good, Rex. You know Steve. He’s gotta give the new guy a hard time.”
Rex’s eyes remained fixed on Jerry, no doubt waiting for him to corroborate what Keith said. Jerry was too busy trying to keep his line of vision above Rex’s chest. The foreman was still shirtless, standing there all tan and sweaty and so fucking hot. It messed with Jerry’s equilibrium, and he was afraid he’d fall over. That would be smooth.
Jerry managed a nod. “Yeah.”
Rex narrowed his sparkling green eyes and then shook his head slightly. “Okay.” He hesitated for a moment, seemingly undecided about what to say. He averted his eyes, and Jerry swore he looked nervous.  “A bunch of us are meeting at Jack’s Tavern for some pool and beers at seven. If you’re fr─I mean, if you guys are free, stop by.”
All of the times they’d spent together, Rex had never suggested they meet outside of the library. Jerry couldn’t help but gawk. He couldn’t have answered at that moment, even if his pants had burst into flames.
Keith rolled his eyes and shot a glare at Jerry. “Sure, Rex. Thanks for the invite. I’ll be there.”
With that, Jerry was sure Rex would leave, but he turned those beseeching eyes to Jerry again. Nope. Jerry wasn’t going to survive much longer. “How about you?”
Jerry wanted to say yes. He willed the words to form and fall from his mouth. He decided he had to be a masochist when he managed to nod. He couldn’t have the man, so why was he torturing himself by hanging around him?
Rex grinned wide and walked away. Jerry watched that slim ass in those tight jeans...until something smacked him upside the head. 
“Shit, Keith.” Jerry rubbed his head. He spotted the sanding block on the ground.
“Get in the car, jackass,” Keith instructed, and got into the car.
Jerry grabbed his lunch cooler and climbed into the passenger seat. He barely had his seatbelt on before Keith shot out onto the road.
“You really need to stop with the creepy staring at Rex,” Keith said, gripping the steering wheel. “The man’s straight.”
“How do you know that?” Jerry asked, knowing he should just agree, but he was feeling anything but agreeable. He knew what he’d felt between them.
Keith turned his chin to Jerry, sighed deeply, and then turned back to the road. “I don’t think you should go to the bar tonight.”
Jerry had been thinking the same thing, but he wasn’t going to tell Keith that. “Why not? I was invited too.”
Keith snorted. “You and alcohol are a bad combination when you aren’t drooling over a straight man.”
Jerry crossed his arms over his chest. “Not once did I drool.”
Keith ignored his comment. “Besides, even if he wasn’t straight, you know your parents would never approve. He’s not clan. And even if he was clan, you aren’t allowed to date, Your Highness.” Keith slammed the door on any hopes Jerry was falsely entertaining.
“Don’t call me that,” Jerry muttered, with a scowl. Gods, he hated that and Keith knew it. “Fine. If you don’t want me around, I’ll go hang out with Annabelle.”
Annabelle worked with him at the library. She was mildly annoying, but fun.
Keith barked out a laugh. “Last time you hung out with her, she painted your toenails.”
Jerry shrugged. He’d thought they looked nice. Shit, he was so girly sometimes, although the tattoos he’d covered his body with were anything but girly. And his parents hated them, which was a bonus.
Keith pulled up in front of Jerry’s apartment building and shifted the car into park. “Listen, if you want to go, I’ll pick you up. Just quit the staring, okay?”
Keith was right—Jerry was borderline obsessed.
Jerry opened the car door. “Okay, pick me up. I promise to behave myself.”
Keith narrowed his eyes, then nodded reluctantly. “Six-forty five.”
Jerry nodded back, climbing out. He slammed the door, and Keith drove off. Jerry prayed he could keep his promise.

What inspired Jerricho’s Freedom?

Well, let’s see. There’s this friend I have named Raine and she wrote me this little note before going into the hospital back in 2013:

Dear JC Wallace,

When I am in the hospital - will you write me a short story about a man with tats having his first experience with another gentleman?

Sincerely, Sickly Raine

Raine also loves MPREG so I had to add that element to this story as well.

Is there anything special you’d like us to know about it?

This story was supposed to be 12,000 words long. It ended up 112,000 words long! It’s a beast!

Available from Amber Quill Press

What are your hopes for these titles?

That people read it and find something they like within its pages. It’s a long book so I’m hoping the action carries people through to the end.


JC "Jake" Wallace started writing from a young age, but took a break for marriage, kids, and college (in that order). A few years ago, he rediscovered his passion and ventured out into the brave new world of publishing. He now has several novels and short stories published. At night and on the weekends, Jake writes about all things men, believing there is nothing hotter than two men finding and loving one another, whether for a night or forever. An avid reader of M/M romance, Jake loves a good twist of a plot, HEA, HFN, or tragic ending. He also writes what his bestie calls HUNK (Happy Until the Next Kidnapping). In his daytime hours, Jake works with individuals with autism and behavior problems. He is owned by a beautiful partner, three kids, two grandchildren, two dogs and one cat. He lives in the Adirondack Mountains in Northern NY.

Also by Jake:

Amber Allure

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