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INTERVIEW: Cate Ashwood plus #Giveaway! #MMromance

Cate Ashwood returns to the Hat Party with a Hat from her honeymoon <3 (Lovely!) Thank you for joining me today--let's get this party started!

You won a unicorn in a poker game (nice hand!) Do you use it for good or for evil?
Well obviously, good. Are there such things as evil unicorns? Don't they poop rainbows? I'd ride it to the grocery store. He could carry my bags home on his horn. 

Is there a story you want to write desperately but you’re scared to try?
To be entirely and completely honest, I've been scared to write all the books I've written because the idea of not doing them justice terrifies me. There's a story I'm working on now, and the beginning was written three years ago. I'm only just continuing on now. Sometimes it takes me a while to garner the courage to finish what I start. 

Sing us a little song. 
Oh God. Are you sure? Clearly you haven't heard me sing before... My sister got all the talent in the family, and the rest of us were left with nothing. Oh well. Here goes...

Jump up, get down,
Come dance with Elmo,
We're movin' our bodies to the ABC's
Dance nearby,
Dance far away, 
Now clap your hands,
To the letter of the day...

(Seriously, this is my life now). 

What is your current writing ambition?
Just to get everything finished! I have so many projects on the go and what feels like no time at all. I want to get the words down before the characters get bored and leave. 

Would you ever consider quitting your EDJ to write fulltime? 
In half a heartbeat. One day, it might actually happen, but I'm still fairly new to the game. I need a few more books under my belt before I could realistically look at actually doing it. 

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
I am pretty open bookish. I'm sure there's lots people don't know about me, but it's all the boring things. 

What story moment are you most proud of having written?
I think, no matter how proud I am of the books I write in the future, the answer the that question will always be Keeping Sweets. It was my first, the story I took the greatest chance with, submitting for the first time. That was the book that made me push my own boundaries and step WAY out of my comfort zone. 

What literary quote describes you best?

And finally, you’ve just inherited a dachshund farm…now what?
I'd never leave my property again. Dogpile, anyone!?

~ ~ ~

Author Name: Cate Ashwood
Book Name: The Storm Before The Calm
Pages or Words: 62,000 words
Categories: Contemporary, Gay fiction, M/M Romance, Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2015
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Anna Sikorska


Charlie has one passion in life: dancing. It’s his salvation when it feels like the world is swallowing him whole. When his mom secretly secures him a spot in the summer intensive at the Free Rein Dance Company in New York, he is thrilled. He knows that once the summer ends, he'll have to return to Beacon to get a job and help support his family, but for those two months, he can spread his wings.

In New York he meets Max, a junior instructor who is everything Charlie wishes he could be. Bold and self-assured, Max radiates pride in who he is. As they spend time together, Max shows Charlie what life can be like past the walls of his closed-minded home town. But Charlie doesn’t know if he’s ready to show the world who he truly is when standing in the spotlight is the last thing he wants.


My fingers tugged at the edge of the cardboard cozy wrapped around the cup as I waited for him to speak. The silence between us felt heavy, and the awkwardness settled in around me as he stared at me, his mouth quirked in a playful expression.
“What?” I asked finally.
“Nothing,” he replied, smiling. “So I guess we should get started.”
“I think maybe just one, two songs at most. The festival isn’t until the end of the summer, so we have lots of time.”
“What festival is it again?” I asked.
“OutShine,” he responded.
“What kind of festival is that?” I asked.
“It’s a big arts festival that takes place throughout the city, mostly in parks. There are exhibits and performances, and a huge celebration at the end. It was started a few years ago to raise awareness and money for gay rights.”
“Oh. Are you… I mean….”
“Gay?” Max supplied.
“Yes. Are you?”
“I… no, uh I…,” I stuttered. I was stunned by how nonchalant and completely unapologetic he’d been about his sexuality, as though admitting to me he was gay was the most ordinary thing in the whole world. A part of me wished I could do that. I could nod and say the words like it was as natural as telling him I was blond or I liked chocolate ice cream.
“It’s okay, Charlie. No big deal. You don’t have to be gay to participate. Originally, all the artists were gay, but it has grown and evolved now to include everyone, which is how it should be,” Max said, shooting me an understanding look.
I should have corrected him. I should have told him, but I’d never said the words out loud. Hell, it was hard enough for me to form that three-word sentence in my head. Even as I sat there, my brain rebelled, doing its own version of sticking its fingers in its ears and humming. So instead of being honest with him about who I was, I let him assume I was something else.


*What inspired you to write The Storm Before the Calm?
The spark that lit the story was a YouTube video of a pole dancer. It was so beautiful and the story kind of evolved from there. Parts of it are dragged from my life--a million years ago, I used to dance, and I even went to a summer intensive (although not a super professional one). I set the story in NY because I love the city. My sister lived there when she was in university and I visited her as often as I could. I'd love to go back sometime. 

*What are your hopes for this title?
Just that people enjoy reading it. The story is close to my heart, and the characters are incredibly special to me, so if people love the story, I will be one happy writer!

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About the author:

Cate Ashwood wrote her very first story in a hot-pink binder when she was in the second grade and found her passion for writing. Her first successful foray into romance writing came five years later when she wrote her best friend, who was experiencing a case of unrequited love, her own happily ever after.
Cate’s life has taken a number of different and adventurous roads. She now lives a stone’s throw from the ocean, just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband, her brand new little boy, and her two cats. Her life is filled with family and friends, travel, and, of course, books.

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