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BOOK BLAST & INTERVIEW: K. Lynn plus #Giveaway! #Bisexual #Erotica

Today we're doing something a little different... In partnership with Pride Promotions, the Hat Party is jumping on K. Lynn's Book Blast and doing a special interview!

Hello K. Lynn and welcome to The Hat Party! <3 Thank you so much for subjecting yourself to the RANDOMNESS that is a Raine O'Tierney interview! Please don your best hat, and let's get started!

Tell us about a time you were done a great kindness. 

I can't choose one particular time because I am always appreciative of anytime someone does something nice to me, whether it's opening the door or writing a recommendation. And I make sure to tell the person how thankful I am. Taking the time out of your day to be nice to others should always be recognized.

You’ve been given the opportunity to go back in time and give your 13-year-old self a message. What do you say? 

You may not think the internet's going to be a crucial part of your life, but just you wait! When I was growing up, we had very limited access to technology, both at home and at school. I didn't really get online until I went to college. And that's when a whole new world opened up to me. I discovered fandom (thanks to college, as well as the computer lab) and I started learning to code on my own. Today, my career is focused on online education, part of which is programming, and I'm getting my Masters degree in Technology and Communication. You just never know what the future might hold.

So, you were editing along and zombies attack. And they are on fire! What do you do?

Break out the gun and fight! One of my in-progress novels is about zombies (well, zombies as the background against some evolving domestic drama), so I hope I can learn from my characters and fight the good fight if I were ever in that position.

Describe yourself using a literary quote. 

It's not a quote from a literary work, but it is one I tend to use as a tagline a lot (and really describes the whole practice of writing). Being an author is being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.” ~Terri Guillemets

You have 200 words—Make. Me. Swoon. (PLEASE!) 

I'll share the opening of the novel:

Alex rubbed his cock through his pants, his thumb trailing across the seam of his jeans as he watched her undress. She said her name was Mary or Meggie or something. He didn't really care. All he cared about was the fact that she was taking too long to get her clothes off.

“You nervous?” he asked, glancing up at her from where he sat in the hotel chair.

“A little,” she admitted, giving him a slight smile as her fingers played with the buttons of her shirt.

She had already unhooked the top three, giving him a peek at the lace at the top of her bra. Alex could see her breasts, creamy and smooth, taunting him from their hiding place.

“I've never really done this kind of thing before,” she continued, unbuttoning two more buttons. Alex could see her entire bra now, smooth cups surrounded by lacy trim. “The last guy I dated, we went out three months before he even got his hand under my shirt.”

“So why the change of heart tonight?” he asked, his breath hitching as he increased his strokes. If she didn't hurry up, he was going to finish without her.

“Because he was a jerk,” she said, removing her shirt completely now and tossing it onto the dresser beside her. “And I deserve to let loose once in a while.”

What makes you inexplicably happy? 

Chocolate! I know, it's so cliché, but I do see my mood rise when chocolate's in the vicinity.

Sing us a song! My go-to song is always “Carry On My Wayward Son.” If you're a Supernatural fan, you'll understand.

What one food item do you consider to be your arch nemesis? 

Jalapeno peppers….I'm allergic to them (and possibly other hot peppers), which I found out on my 21st birthday.

Biggest mistake you’ve made in your writing career and what you’ve learned from it. 

It took me a few years to get it, but I am thankful that I learn that there is no one method to writing or one single path to publishing. Write what you love, seek the publishing outlets that work best for you, and enjoy the moments when you can connect with readers.

And finally, for THE most important question of all: what kinds of dachshunds are the BEST kinds of dachshunds? 

I...know that right answer isn't none. I'm a big dog person myself. (I used to have a mixed breed wolf/husky growing up, and have always loved huskies.)

~ ~ ~

Author Name: K. Lynn
Book Name: His Womanly Ways
Release Date: May 27, 2015
Pages or Words: 65,000 words
Categories: Bisexual, Contemporary, Erotica, Humor, Lesbian Romance, Body Horror, Romance, Transgender, Transformation, Genderswap, Gender Change, Cursed
Publisher: Torquere Press

Cover Artist: BS Clay

Alex is a womanizer and he makes no excuses for it. He picks up women at the local bar, leaving them with just a memory of a good night and a good lay, but he hasn't had any complaints yet. That is, until he picks up the wrong woman. Not satisfied to be tossed aside as just another notch in Alex's bedpost, she curses him, wishing he “knew what it was like for a woman.” And he's about to find out what she means, embarking on a genderswap journey that he can't stop.

Alex starts slowly gaining secondary female characteristics. Waking up with his cock gone, replaced by a vagina, was bad enough. Then it gets worse, as his body becomes more like a woman than the man he used to be. Alex tries to hide the changes he's going through, for fear that someone will discover his secret, but keeping this quite literally “under wraps” might be impossible before the curse runs its course.

With the help of his female best friend, Eve, Alex tries to deal with who he is becoming. He feels like he's lost his identity, his mind not matching the body he now has. But what started out as friendship may become something more before Alex's journey is over. Perhaps this curse was actually a blessing in disguise.


Alex leaned his head against the wall, his hand still on the receiver. What was he supposed to do now? He was probably going to get fired if he kept hiding out, but he didn't have any other choice. Who was he supposed to go to in order to fix it? A doctor? They'd laugh him out of the office or else put him in a hospital for observation. He could go back to the bar and start asking questions, try to track down the girl, but not this early in the morning.
There were very few avenues he could explore immediately, but as he stood there, taking deep breaths where he was leaning against the wall, he did know one person he could rely on. So, he reached out to the only friend he knew to call.
“Hello, how can I help you?” Eve answered, sounding professional and chipper. She never knew when a potential client would call, so during working hours she was always on.
“What are you doing right now?” he asked, not bothering with pleasantries.
“Alex?” Her voice dropped all falsity and went back into her normal tone. “What do you mean what am I doing? I'm working, just like you should be. Why are you calling me up this early anyway?”
“I need you to come over.”
“Come over? Come over where, your apartment?” She was growing agitated. “What are you doing home at this hour?”
“I called out sick.”
“You got a cold or something? I swear, if you gave me anything, I'll kick your ass. I don't have time to be dealing with getting sick right now. I've got too many things on my plate.”
“Eve, will you shut up for a minute?” he cut in. “I don't have a cold, I'm not contagious, I just need you to come over. It's serious and I need to talk to somebody about it.”
“Alex?” her voice dropped, actually sounding like she was concerned. “What's going on? Are you alright?”
He snorted. No, and that was the point. He wasn't alright and he needed her to come over right this damn minute.
“Will you just come over here, please? I'll tell you, but not over the phone. It's something I can't talk about unless you're here.”
“Alright, alright,” she sighed. “I need to finish this page design first. Give me five minutes and I'll be right over. The crap I put up with because of you.” Then she hung up, no goodbye or anything. Yeah, Eve was the best person to help him deal with this. She'd help him, or at least freak out alongside him.
Alex replaced the receiver and looked around to what he could busy himself with. He knew he wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything, so he simply focused his efforts on pouring out the now-cold coffee from the pot and rinsing it along with his cup. He had managed to get the coffee machine back together and his cup in the drainboard when he heard Eve knocking.
“Alex? I'm here. Let me in.”
She continued knocking, a steady tap on his door until he opened it. Eve never did like waiting.
“It's about damn time,” she complained when he opened the door, breezing past him to walk into the apartment. She turned to look at him as he shut it again. “You look like hell. Since when do you hang around the house on a workday? And in sweatpants, at that.”
“I have to show you something,” he said, pulling at her arm as he walked towards the bedroom.
“You have to show me something in your bedroom?” she asked, tugging against his hold. “Why are you acting so freaky? First you tell me you're sick, then you take me to your bedroom. What's up with you?”
“Come on,” he urged, pulling her again. She kept walking with him, but not without grumbling.
“What the hell, Alex?” she asked again when he got her inside, closing the door. “There's nobody else here. Why are you acting so freaky?” She stopped, eyes narrowing. “There's nobody else here, right? I mean, you don't have a girl stashed in the bathroom or something. I don't have time to be playing taxi for one of your dates,” she said, giving the word air quotes.
“I don't need you to courier anybody, okay?” he growled. “This is more serious.”
She gave him a raised eyebrow. “I'm not helping you get rid of a body either. That was just a joke. You can't hold me to anything I say when I'm drunk.”
“Shut up, there's no dead body,” he said, untying the strings on the front of his sweatpants. “There's something wrong with me.”
“For fuck's sake, Alex, I don't want to see your diseased dick,” Eve said, covering her eyes. “Go to the clinic.”
“I don't think the clinic can help me with this,” he said, pulling his pants and underwear down and sitting on the edge of the bed in front of her. Alex pushed his legs apart, splaying them so there was no way she could miss the problem when she opened her eyes again.
“Eve, just look,” he urged, looking up at her.
“No!” she said, keeping her eyes fully covered.
“Please, Eve, I'm freaking out here and you're the only person I knew to call,” his tone was pleading now and he was starting to freak out again. “Just look at me.”
“I told you,” she began as she started taking her hand away from her face, “I don't want to see...what the hell is that?!” Her eyes widened as she saw him in full glory, her face losing all trace of color as she stumbled back.
“You should know, you've got one yourself,” he said with a pasted-on smirk, but his attempt at humor fell flat.

Available from Torquere | Amazon 


*What inspired you to write the story you’re promoting? I wrote this in my first and only NaNoWriMo and it's the fastest book I ever wrote. The reason I got the idea, and wanted to explore it, is because I write transgender works, but I'm also aware of the fetishism that exists within some communities for transgender writing (or more correctly, gender-swap writing). I wanted to try and bridge the gap between the two, showing that erotic exploration of transgender topics can also delve into the shifting identity of mind versus body.

*Is there anything special you’d like us to know about your book? This is NOT vanilla-level writing. Don't come into this expecting my usual happy, domestic, close-the-door love scenes storytelling that I'm fond of. This is erotic, perhaps excessively so, but it is meant to ground the story in the changes that Alex is going through and how his body often betrays the identity he has of himself.

*What are your hopes for this title? I hope that it can bridge the gap between transgender writing being seen as a fetish and transgender writing that explores the changing attribution of identity as the person becomes more closely aligned with who they were meant to be.


K. Lynn has been an avid reader and writer since childhood. In her youth, she could most likely be found in the local library, devouring books that covered everything from WWII History to Dr. McCoy's latest adventures aboard the Enterprise, with some X-Men thrown in for good measure. Once she had read everything that was on the shelves, she turned around and read them again. K. Lynn was also known to create elaborate adventures that more than once made it to the page. Ink-filled papers gave way to overflowing computer memory as the years went on, but the stories never ceased.

While in college, K. Lynn increased her involvement in LGBT issues and writing within the LGBT fiction genre. She has become a long-time fan of the authors that seek to explore the commonality that exists within all sexualities and genders. Most of K. Lynn's work features LGBT characters, many of whom are in established relationships and show how love perseveres through every trial and tribulation that life holds. She also has a particular interest in seeing transgender characters gain a larger foothold within the LGBT fiction genre, hoping that the market for these works expand in the future.

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