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INTERVIEW: Vicktor Alexander plus #Giveaway! #MMRomance #Historical #Trans

Hello Vicktor and welcome to The Hat Party <3 Thank you so much for subjecting yourself to the RANDOMNESS that is a Raine O'Tierney interview! Please don your best hat, and let's get started!

Thank you so much for having me Raine! I’m excited to be here! –puts on Stetson and pulls it low over face- Hit me with your best shot.

What is your super-secret, wildest, most outlandish writing dream? (Nothing is too wild!)

Hhhmmm. I think my super-secret, wildest, most outlandish writing dream would be to co-author a book with Amy Lane and Mary Calmes. It would be super angsty, super sexy, raw, gritty, hot, with alpha men who didn’t take shit from anyone. It would be an interracial romance, set in ancient Egypt, but with a time travelling main character from the future who has been abused and comes to the past to try and escape his abusive relationship. He stumbles upon Mark Antony and they fall in love but his abusive lover follows him into the past and tries to kill them both.


Give us 5 ½ words of wisdom.

Live, Love, Laugh, Fuck, Often, etc.

You’re writing along and you’re attacked by a horde of zombies…ON FIRE…how do you survive? Or do you become a zombie too?

If the zombies are on fire then I’d sit and watch them burn, maybe make some s’mores. For the really cheeky ones who try to press forward through the flames, I’d grab my bullwhip and snap it around their neck, and shoot them right between the eyes (I shot 38/40 in the Army. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t miss). But I wouldn’t become a zombie. I’m waaaayyy too sexy to be walking around looking all dead with my skin falling off, looking all raggedy and shit. And a Dom is never unprepared. If I knew there was a horde of zombies on the loose, I’d have my whip, flogger, and a gun at hand even if I were writing. LOL.

You have 200 words—Make. Me. Swoon. (PLEASE!)

He gasped as he was pulled back into Heath’s arms and moaned as his husband nuzzled the side of his neck. Lucien trembled as the heat of Heath’s hand burned him through the dampness of his cotton chemise as he stroked him. Heath’s fingers singed Lucien’s skin as he slowly removed the jeweled belt, the gems clinking as they fell to the floor, and the garter and stockings from his legs, kissing his way back up Lucien’s body before pulling him into his arms.

“I have been thinking about touching you since I first saw you this morning,” Heath murmured in Lucien’s ear.

“You have?” Lucien asked softly.

“Oh yes,” Heath answered as he slid his hand beneath Lucien’s chemise and into the leg of his silk drawers to grasp his testicles. Lucien leaned his head back onto Heath’s shoulder and sighed.

“What else did you think about?” Lucien asked. He felt naughty talking as he was, but there was something about Heath, about talking as they were, that made him feel bold, as if he were a courtesan. Or a strumpet. Yes, he was one of those ladies of the night his mother and the other ladies were always talking about.

“I thought about kissing your neck,” Heath said before doing just that. “About stripping you naked.” He lifted Lucien’s chemise from his body, slid his fingertips beneath Lucien’s drawers, and pushed them down Lucien’s legs. “I thought about kissing every inch of your beautiful body.”

That was the only warning Lucien got before Heath began to kiss and lick his ankles, calves, the backs of his knees, thighs, the skin of his arse, back, and the back of his neck, before he once again stood behind Lucien, wrapping his arms around Lucien’s body. It was a good thing Heath was holding him, because Lucien felt as if he were nothing more than a pile of nectar at that very moment.

“I thought of spreading you out and having you on display for everyone to see how I pleasured you,” Heath whispered in Lucien’s ear. Lucien gasped. “But then I realized I did not want anyone to hear the sounds you make when you are in the deepest moments of passion. Those noises are only for me. So instead, we are going to do the next best thing.”

Lucien had no idea what he meant, until he realized they were standing in front of the curtained window and, while no one would be able to see their faces, they would be able to see their silhouettes. Heath grabbed Lucien’s hands and placed them on either side of the window before spreading his legs apart. Lucien’s breath stuttered as he felt his arse cheeks spread apart moments before he felt the first swipe of his husband’s tongue across his tight hole.

“You taste so good,” Heath groaned.

Lucien merely moaned as Heath continued to lick up and down the crease of his arse. He clenched the fabric of the curtains in his hands as Heath slowly pushed in one finger.

“Oh God,” he breathed.

Describe yourself using lyrics.

“I walk like this ‘cause I can back it up.”
“Does that make me crazy?”
“Cause whips and chains excite me.”
“Baby I was born this way.”
“I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny…”
“It was pain before pleasure, that was my claim to fame.”
“Cause my body too bootylicious for you baby.”
“I don’t wanna miss a thing.”
“Stand up for life, stand up for love.”
“I hope life treats you kind, and I hope you have all you dreamed of. And I wish you joy, and happiness. But above all this, I wish you love.”
“I’m too sexy for my shirt…”
“When will my reflection show who I am inside?”
“I’m more than what you’ve made of me.”
“Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”
“I won’t tell your secrets.”
“It’s a grown ass man working on this, won’t stop till I make you say, woah-oh-oh. Give you that fix a little stronger.”
“You ain’t gotta be ashamed that I’m making you sound this way, ‘cause I’m not playing, it’s a grown ass man working on this.”

You can go back to any point in your life to give you past self a pep-talk. How old is your past self and what do you say?

I think I would go back to my 18 year old self and tell me to make sure that my best friend Justin never got together with his ex, Ian by speaking up, I needed to have more confidence, more self-esteem. So much of life is about the journey that even though I’ve gone through hell and heartbreak, endured things that I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy, those things have made me the man that I am today, but I would go back in my past and tell my past self to speak up more. I was so afraid of losing friends that even when I knew that someone was a bad person I didn’t speak up. Even when I knew someone was full of shit I kept my mouth closed. Which was so outside of my natural personality. I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t think that I mattered. I believed that I was expendable, easily tossed aside, replaceable, so I didn’t want to rock the boat too much, I didn’t want to cause too much trouble, so I kept my mouth closed even when I saw things that I knew were wrong. And because of that people were hurt that I loved dearly. I still struggle with it, in spite of my dominant personality.

Your thoughts on libraries: GO!

Libraries are awesome! It’s like an endless supply of free books. But when you read gay romance they SUCK because you will rarely find gay or M/M romance books on the shelves of a public library. I think they’re nice for those who don’t have the funds to buy books, they’re great for research, free wifi, college students, book signings, book readings, children, and for discovering the classics, which I am a HUGE fan of. If we aren’t careful we’ll lose these staples, these cornerstones of our neighborhood and with them the classics and our children won’t know who the great classic novelists and poets are, much less wheat the classics are.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in your career and what did you learn from it?

I published my first three books with basic edits done by myself. What did I learn from it? To always have books edited by a professional. LOL.

And finally, for THE most important question of all: what kinds of dachshunds are the BEST kinds of dachshunds?

Ummm…. Are there different types of dachshunds??? Hold on…. Google is my friend….

The Toy Dachshund? Is that one? LOL.

Thanks so much for having me!

~ ~ ~

Book Name: Groom of Convenience
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23356224-groom-of-convenience?ac=1
Author Name: Vicktor Alexander
Words: 108,811 Pages: 300
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Shobana Appavu
Categories: Alternative Universe, Gay Fiction, Historical, M/M Romance, Romance, *Trans


In an alternate universe, in the country of Angland, 1814, the gentry live lives of culture and class. It is a time of courtships, marriages of convenience, and titles, where scandal can ruin an entire family. Gender lines are blurred, and making a good match is of utmost importance. Children are born to men and women, which has led to the acceptance of same-sex marriages. 

Lady Lucien Timothy Hawthorne is shocked and angry when he is betrothed against his will to Lord Heathcliff Eddington, III, the Duke of Pompinshire. While drowning his frustration at a popular gentleman's club, he meets "Robert," a gorgeous older man whom he sleeps with as "Timmy," regardless of the potential damage to his reputation. 

After their liaison, Lucien corresponds with Robert via letters left at Remmington, and they decide to elope. Before they can get away, Lucien meets his betrothed, Heathcliff, who he is surprised to discover is also his beloved, Robert. Both men desire a marriage of the heart, but they find out that sometimes a marriage of convenience can turn into love under the right circumstances. But Lucien has a secret, and Tlondon isn't as safe as they once thought.


Lucien inhaled deeply and then began to softly sing “Ae Fond Kiss,” a popular Tscottish ballad written twenty years prior, sliding his eyelids closed, afraid of any negative reaction from his betrothed. His mother used to sing it to him every night before leaving for a ball or party she was obligated to attend. Rosemary would sing the song and then kiss the top of his head. Annabelle would be waiting at the door, and when Rosemary finished, thinking that Lucien was asleep, she would meet Annabelle at the door, and the two of them would share a sweet kiss and then leave. Lucien loved those late-night lullabies by his mother, cherished them, and when he went to bed, even at his advanced age, he would sing the song to himself until he would fall asleep.

Finishing the last note of the song, Lucien opened his eyes and looked at Heathcliff, expecting to find him asleep, only to find him looking at him in wonder. 

“What?” he asked.

“You have a beautiful voice, Lucien,” Heathcliff told him. 

Lucien blushed and ducked his head. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Heathcliff’s fingers under his chin brought his face back up, and he found himself looking into Heathcliff’s eyes. “Don’t do that. Don’t hide from me. Never hide from me,” Heathcliff told him. “You have a beautiful voice. One that has obviously been handcrafted by the very touch of God. The beauty of your voice is rivaled only by the beauty of your face, which does not compare to the beauty of your spirit.”

Available from Dreamspinner Press | Amazon.com 


*What inspired you to write Groom of Convenience?

I wanted to write a gay romance set in the Regency period (one of my favorites, next to the Medieval period and the Victorian era), I also wanted to have a little more creative liberty with certain aspects of the lifestyle of members of the peerage. I wanted to be able to give my male characters the opportunity to have children, but I also wanted to give my female characters the chance to impregnate their partners, female or male. I wanted a world where that was possible without making them all aliens with tentacles and five eyes, so I created an alternate universe. I live in a perpetual state of “what if?” and I love history. I can remember thinking to myself: “What if there was a world that looked just like ours, history was exactly the same, everything happened just like it happened here, except, men could get pregnant and women could impregnate their partners, male or female?” “And what if, the men that could get pregnant weren’t actually called men they were called women? Oohh! Male women! And then what if the women who could impregnate their partners were called Female men?” “How would that make the Regency period different?” “With all of the arranged marriages, I bet there would be a lot of ‘same-sex’ marriages but not same-gender marriages, because that would still be illegal.” And it just kind of grew from there.

*Is there anything special you’d like us to know about your book?

Groom Of Convenience is different. It’s a transgender/intersex novel. When I wrote it I told my publisher that was what it was, I just didn’t know why I was classifying it that way. I didn’t know why I’d told Dreamspinner Press to tag it that way, didn’t know why they’d chosen to listen to me and label it that way. LOL. It wasn’t until I was actually thinking about the book because it was going to be submitted for a Lambda Literary Award that I actually realized that I’d subconsciously written a book about transgender people. I’d written that I’d done that in my Author’s Note, so I knew that I had, it just wasn’t completely clear to me how so many of the characters: the male women, the female men, were indeed transgender people. I thought it was only the ones who dressed like their female or male counterparts, but no, it was all of them. Once I realized that I was showing people that just because someone looks like a female on the outside, that doesn’t mean they identify as a female, they could, in fact, identify as a man. Or just because someone looks like a man, that doesn’t mean that they identify as one, they could, in fact, be a woman. And it’s not up to us to tell them they have to wear “gender appropriate” attire to be labeled as such, we should accept them as they are, well I finally got my own series. It was humbling. It was exhilarating. And it almost made me cry. And I finally realized why my friend Taylor Law and my editors and my other friends were telling me they enjoyed the book so much, and why they were telling me they were so proud of me. I realized why I was so nervous about it. I hadn’t set out to make such a statement, hadn’t set out to make people think about how they gender that way, but I’m so glad I did.

*What are your hopes for this title?

I want people to open their minds and change their views on gender and sexuality. Even within the LGBTQ community we have this preconceived notion of how a “man” or “woman” should look or “act.” What constitutes a “Top” or “Bottom.” We do it in our romance novels all the time. Authors write it and readers accept it, embrace it as fact, but the fact is, within the transgender spectrum there are people who encompass all different appearances, personalities and definitions. With this book I want to open people’s minds to the fact that just because someone looks like a “male” they could in fact be a woman on the inside but that doesn’t mean that they have to “act” in the way you think a “woman” should have to act. That may seem like a tall order for a book or a series, but I think that it’s something that Groom Of Convenience and The Scandalous Whispers of the Remmington Realm is more than able to handle.

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About the Author: Vicktor "Vic” Alexander wrote his first story at the age of ten and hasn’t stopped writing since. He loves reading about anything and everything and is a proud member of the little known U.N. group (Undercover Nerds) because while he lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps sports, he also breathes history and science fiction and grew up a Trekkie. But don’t ask him about Dungeons & Dragons, because he has no idea how to play that game. When it comes to writing he loves everything from paranormal to contemporary to fantasy to historical and is known not only for being the Epilogue King but also for writing stories that cross lines and boundaries that he doesn’t know are there. Vic is a proud father of two daughters one of whom watches over him from Heaven with his deceased partner Christopher. Vic is a proud trans* and gay man, and when he is not writing, he is hanging out with his friends, or being distracted by videos of John Barrowman, Scott Hoying, and Shemar Moore. Vicktor has published numerous bestselling novels and has a WIP list that makes him exhausted just thinking about. He knows that he will be still be writing about hot men falling in love with each other, long after he is living in an assisted living facility, flirting with the hot, male nurses.
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