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INTERVIEW: Tina Blenke plus #Giveaway! #Paranormal #MMRomance

Welcome back to the Hat Party, Tina! I’m so glad the zaniness didn’t scare you off last time ;) So please, don your best hat and let’s get this party started!

Why do you write?

Is it fair to say that the voices in my encourage me to write? During the best of times, writing is a relaxing way to sit back and free the wild imagination that rages in my little head. I like to see what happens when I sit at the keyboard and weave fantastical tales about love and adventure. 

If you could have your ideal secret writing lair, what would it look like?

Ooh, this would probably look a lot like a hobbit hole in the side of a hill covered in bright green grass and a field of daisies. Inside, there wouldn’t be any clutter in site. A comfortable wing backed chair and side table would be in front of a roaring fire and my puppies would be running around playing games and making me laugh at their antics. Occasionally, a handsome man would come by and offer me beverages and fruit. It could happen.

You’ve been banned from ever writing your favorite genre again. What are you going to do now?

It would be a tough couple of weeks crying and complaining to anyone who would listen and a few who are only pretending, but then I’d have to find another niche to be happy in. I would occasionally wonder what I did that was so wrong, how I was caught, and how I was going to plot my revenge, but in the end I would still carry on.

Tell me your earliest writing memory please.

In Kindergarten, we had a class assignment to add our favorite family recipes into a cookbook that was shared with the rest of the class. I think it floated around our house for several years before it was eventually lost to the moving gnomes that eat all of your belongings over time. My recipe was some silly nonsense about making hot cocoa and was probably more descriptive than it needed to be.

You’ve been stabbed, shot, AND bludgeoned! (WOW, enemies, much?) As you’re dying, what one object do you possess that is so special to you that you wouldn’t write the killer’s name on it?

I have a really beautiful black leather Calvin Klein bag that should never be defiled in any way. I would most likely place it as far as possible from my beaten soon-to-be-corpse so as not to ruin the leather with my bodily fluids.

Be totally honest, what’s the worst part of being a published author?

Marketing. I don’t think I can stress that part enough. Writing blog posts can be fun and interviews with you are always a pleasure because of the zany questions (see above!), but the marketing and promotional work to get my work out there can be exhausting. Most of us are introverts, as you well know, and we do our best work tied to a chair in a locked room away from everyone. I like people, on my own terms, so getting out there can be a scary thing.

You have 200 MORE words. Make. Me. Swoon. (AGAIN!)

This is from the sequel to Shifting Weight titled Shifting Gears that is due out on December 15.

Connor’s own breath hitched and as if he couldn’t hold himself back for another second he placed a soft kiss on Justin’s pouting lips. Someone moaned softly and it carried on the wind. Another moan and Justin wrapped his arms around Connor wanting both the solidity of his mate in his arms and the draw of electricity shooting through his body. The entire night lit up with the want Justin felt shooting through his limbs. It was as if the entire world was on fire the moment their lips came together. Justin didn’t care if what he felt was sappy or full of emotion because he felt as if his heart would burst with the enormity of feelings he had for the man pressing him into the earth with only his arms and lips.

When they parted, Justin touched a tentative finger to his mouth as if still feeling Connor’s kiss upon them. He had known from the first day that his fate belonged to Connor and in that moment he knew that his heart belonged to Connor as well.

Tell me about a time in your life when you were changed.

When I was fifteen, I lived in Thailand for a year. Those sensitive teenage years are tough on everyone and I was no exception. We lived in a traditional house on stilts out in the country without running water and without indoor plumbing. During our stay there, we even had a flood that lasted for several weeks. When I hear people in the States complain about being without material possessions, talking about how they’re “starving”, or saying that it’s the “hardest thing that they’ve ever had to do”, it upsets me. I’ve seen true poverty and throwing those terms around loosely belittles the lives of millions of people around the world.

A drunken relative has just insulted M/M rom up one side and down the other. Plus they spilled their drink on you in the process. What is your most articulate response?

I’m not sure I’d have an articulate response! How rude!

Writing gay romance is such a large part of my life and I should be allowed to express myself in the reading and writing of the literature of my choosing. What part of the genre is the most upsetting to this relative? If it’s because it’s gay, then this relative doesn’t belong in my life or my close family because I don’t need hatred in my life. My children are taught love and acceptance and not tolerance for people who see themselves as better than others. If the issue is with romance, then this relative isn’t being forced to read it. Why be so angry about love and happy endings? Perhaps this relative is bitter and doesn’t have love in their life. And about that spilled drink…perhaps this relative needs an intervention. They should talk to my husband about that issue…

I’m feeling so happy that I don’t have someone like this in my circle.

And finally, you’ve just inherited a dachshund farm. What now?

Oh puppies! I’m a diehard Chihuahua lover myself so dachshunds seem so big to me! I didn’t even know that I was a puppy hoarder until I was forced to take in a puppy four years ago. An entire puppy farm to myself sounds like fun!

~ ~ ~

Book Name: Shifting Weight (Book one of a series)
Author Name: Tina Blenke
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Cover Artist: Latisha Waters
Length: 60 pages
Categories: Erotica, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance


Jason is a West Coast wolf Shifter who leaves his native Pack Lands to search for his destined mate. When he finds the large muscled man working out a local gym, Jason is ecstatic and apprehensive. Eric is a Changeless human and there are tense sides to the politically heated debate around the integration of Shifters and Changeless. Jason is at risk of losing control of his wolf without bonding with his destined mate. But, will Eric accept that Jason is a Shifter? And can Eric trust Jason after his heart has been left shattered from a previously failed relationship.


Jason allowed himself to run that night. Elation filled him making it easier to relax and allow his wolf to flow into his mind and body. The shift was seamless, years of transitioning helped his wolf to take control in under a few painless minutes. Jason knew of wolves who could never shift because the pain was so intense. It was unknown what the cause was but some insisted that it was because the Shifter’s true mate had never been found and the man could not control the beast inside of him.

The old wives’ tale had haunted Jason especially as years passed without locating his mate. Now that he knew Eric existed, it was one less thing to worry about. Now he could focus on worrying about Eric finding out he was a Shifter. Eric’s acceptance. If the two would find love and happiness despite fate playing a factor, then, and only then, could Jason think about starting a family with Eric. Maybe he was jumping the gun, but he had always wanted a man to love and a family to care for. Was it too much to want? Shouldn’t he be satisfied with finding a mate? All of this thinking and stress was weighing him down. Yes, he had found his mate, but would Eric want Jason?

His legs pumped harder as he made his way across hills and through forests with large trees reaching up towards the skies. It was not the familiar woods of his home on the Pack Lands but it felt good to stretch his limbs, pull deep pulls of fresh air into his lungs, and feel the wind tickling through his fur all over his body. With a grin, he imagined his large bear of a mate with sexual wants that matched his own.

Available from:  eXtasy Books | Amazon

*What are your hopes for this title?

Shifting Weight is the first book in a series of short stories that I’m hoping will add a little piece of happiness to your day. I like the conflict that we internalize, the baggage that we bring into relationships, and the external forces of communities and the hive mind. My universe will start small with hints of the outside world but we’ll expand and explore new couples, conflicts, and love along the way. And just for fun, I’ll throw in some wolf shifters because they’re awesome.

About the Author: Tina is a retired Air Force brat and has lived in several states as well as a handful of countries. She has always had a soft spot for literature and is a voracious reader. When she isn’t writing, she can be found cuddled up with a good book. Though Tina adores a thrilling novel with sappy lovesick heroes, she is terrified of things that go bump in the night. This makes for quite a complicated relationship with zombies, something that she just can’t get enough of.

Author Contact:

LinkedIn: Tina Blenke
Instagram: tinablenke
Tumblr: tinablenke

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