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INTERVIEW: Heloise West plus #Giveaway! #Mystery #MMRomance

Hello Heloise and welcome to The Hat Party <3 Thank you so much for subjecting yourself to the RANDOMNESS that is a Raine O'Tierney interview! Please don your best hat, and let's get started!

I love randomness, Raine. :D

What is your super-secret, wildest, most outlandish writing dream? (Nothing is too wild!)

Writing from a villa (a small one) in Tuscany, ala Frances Mayes.

Give us 5 ½ words of wisdom.

Trust ‘n it will be there…

Tell us about a time you were changed.

When I ran away from---I mean, moved from the family home in Massachusetts to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the North Country (where part of Hitting Black Ice is set). I finally felt free, like I could breathe.

You’re writing along and you’re attacked by a horde of zombies…ON FIRE…how do you survive? Or do you become a zombie too?

WWBD. What would Buffy do?

Little did I know that my two cats are actually Ninja-Watcher cats and have been waiting for this moment for all nine of their lives….they lead the zombies to the door that leads nowhere (seriously, we have a door on the second floor that opens to nothing). With a few magic words, they open a portal to another dimension, and the zombies fall through.

You have 200 words—Make. Me. Swoon. (PLEASE!)

From “Ardent Fire” a romance/mystery set during the Renaissance:
As the younger man stood and walked toward Morello, Benedetto pulled his shirt off to reveal skin, bone, and muscle as sharply defined as a sculpture. Morello had lusted for that body, dripping with river water, as they sunned themselves on the bank, and desire struck him hard again. Benedetto stopped to kick off one shoe, then the other. He bent his long body to the floor and lay on his back at Morello's feet, sprawled there on the scarred boards as if his bones had turned to liquid. Elbows propped the upper half of his body, the muscles in his stomach flexing. He crooked his knees up and let them fall open. The movement tugged the untied waist of his hose down along the line of slightly darker golden hair that buried itself in the tantalizing border of fair curls.
Benedetto's long fingers brushed the honey-gold hair of his chest. His eyes on Morello, he slid the palm of his hand across a flat belly. When he reached the top of his hose, he stopped, and played with the laces that tied the braguette to his hose and covered his cock. He shifted, and his hips pumped the air once. His head fell back, his browned throat long and naked. Benedetto released a smiling, shuddering sigh.
For the first time in his life, Morello was struck dumb.

Describe yourself using lyrics.

The line from Springsteen’s Thunder Road: ‘you ain’t a beauty but hey you’re all right.’
I’ve always found that reassuring.

You can go back to any point in your life to give you past self a pep-talk. How old is your past self and what do you say?

To my college self: Study harder!

Your thoughts on libraries: GO!

I’m one of those who whimpers at the thought of the Library at Alexandria burning all those centuries ago.  I’d hate like hell to see libraries go the way of the bookstores… but the good news is:

My small town librarian has been fighting hard to keep her little library relevant to the community (not just supplying me with obscure books ;) and recently won a battle to buy the big old house next door so they can expand. Maybe I’ll even make the library my office when they do. :D

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in your career and what did you learn from it?

I have the worst timing. Every time I found a fiction magazine that I thought my work would fit and that I could learn from, they folded. Really, I’m not a short story writer, so it’s for the best, but I should have been trying to finish a novel first.

And finally, for THE most important question of all: what kinds of dachshunds are the BEST kinds of dachshunds?

My great aunt Yola had a dachshund named Shorty. There’s a picture of him in the early 1960s with a New Year’s Eve sparkly hat on and my great aunt holding up a tootie thing for him to blow. He actually appeared right pleased. So. Dachshunds in celebratory hats?

OMG YES says Raine.

~ ~ ~ 

Book Name: Hitting Black Ice
Author Name: Heloise West
Publisher: Loose ID
Cover Artist: Syneca Featherstone
Categories: Contemporary, Crime Fiction, M/M Romance, Mystery, Romance


ER physician's assistant Hunter guards his heart carefully, but that doesn't stop him from falling for Shawn, the front desk clerk.  He keeps his distance from relationships for a reason, but just can't help himself when it comes to Shawn.

Shawn is on the run from the law and love to protect himself and anyone else involved. One man is dead because of him, and his life now is simple and easily thrown into a bag at any hint of danger. Until he meets Hunter, and he no longer wants to run.

Forced into a hostage situation, buried passion explodes in the aftermath, and sex in the supply closet brings their hearts back to life. Tentatively, step by step, they begin to explore a relationship together until the past catches up with Shawn.
FBI agent Nick Truman has finally found his man, but when Shawn escapes, he focuses his attention on Hunter. Shawn returns, even though it means sacrificing himself to save Hunter from the man who framed him for murder.

It was nine o'clock. They'd long lost the reservation. Hunter turned away from the warm lights of the restaurant, heart heavy. Shawn was too good to be true. For all he knew, he had a problem like Jerry's, who'd often left him waiting, wondering, and ultimately fearing as dinner sat cold on the table. He gave in and took a step toward home.
He whipped around.
Shawn rushed toward him. He slipped on the snowy sidewalk, nearly going down, but Hunter ran at him, and they crashed together so hard his teeth clicked. Shawn's arms went around him and his around Shawn, and they managed to hold each other up.
"I'm sorry," were the first words out of Shawn's mouth.
"All you deserve is pizza crusts," Hunter mock-growled and kissed him, unconsciously trying to taste booze on his breath. Like Jerry and too many broken promises. Relieved it was only peppermint mouthwash, he didn't stop kissing him.
When Hunter let him speak, Shawn said, "I'm starving, I'll take it." He pushed Hunter a little away from him. "Jesus. You're freezing."
"And starving. There's a Greek pizza place down this way, come on—"
"I'll make it up to you," he said, taking Hunter's hand.

Available from Loose id | All Romance eBooks | Amazon


*What are your hopes for this title?
I’m hoping like hell the sequel will not be the struggle the first one was. I’m also hoping to give a few secondary characters their own gigs in the future.

About the Author:
Heloise West, when not hunched over the keyboard plotting love and mayhem, dreams about moving to a villa in Tuscany. She loves history, mysteries, and romance of all flavors. She travels and gardens with her partner of 10 years, and their home overflows with books, cats, art, and red wine.

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