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HAT PARTY PETS! Castiel, Brego, and Ginger LOVE #LGBT Romance plus Amazon giftcard #GIVEAWAY!

It's Hat Party Pets day! I love this day because it means I get to see all the cool pets in all the cool hats and it means I get to wear a hat too :D (Only thing better than being a dachshund is being a dachshund in a hat!) And that's another picture of me with the penguin, someone's getting lax.

Today we're talking to Castiel, who is very appropriately dressed, Brego, looking chill as hell, and Ginger (Who is her stylist? I need that phone number.).

We've got more chances to enter for this month's giveaway! The drawing is for a $10 giftcard, so don't forget to check it out.

--Iron Klaus, Esq., Dachshund-At-Large

*~*~About Castiel~*~*

L.J. says: Meet Castiel, Kitty of the Lord. (Though which lord, exactly, I'm not entirely sure.) Castiel is a rescue cat, I got him from the Animal Welfare League ( several years ago. He was estimated as being 1.5 years old, which would make him nearly 7 years old now, so 49 in people years. He still behaves like a kitten and has a tendency to yell a LOT. He yells at me, at mum, at the windows, at the doors, at the garden, at birds, at visitors, at cars… he's a very vocal cat.

Cas has a pretty cushy life here for all his yelling—he gets fed regularly, has a variety of beds upon which to sleep, a variety of scratching implements for his pleasure, Bird TV, and numerous blankies that he cuddles up to. He has a tendency to march onto my lap and just stand on me, so that I have to reach around him to use the computer, which makes it difficult to write. His favourite thing in the world is fresh grass and he will sing the song of his people at the sight of it… and often while he eats it.

Cas likes yarn, toilet paper and home decorating with these materials. It's because of his aspirations towards Feline Eye for the Feline's Guys that we keep the toilet door closed and the toilet paper out of reach, and give him a designated ball of yarn. In his spare time when not sleeping or yelling, Castiel enjoys long sprints back and forth through the house, the poetry of his people, and having long conversations. He does not, however, enjoy hats.

Klaus wants to know....

     ...How would kitty go about securing his seat as grand master of the universe?

He'd develop opposable thumbs. Then no door would stop him and the fridge would always be empty. Fear the evolution of the feline with opposable thumbs.

And what book is Castiel bringing us today...?

Time or Money - Valentine's Day, contemporary, romance, e-book, novella, Carly Fall
Caiden Jones is part-selkie and lives an idyllic life by the sea in South Australia. He’s had his fair share of disappointments, like being kept out of the Navy due to his mythica status, but overall he’s got a pretty good life. Until he’s in the wrong place at the right time.

Cai steps in to subdue an out-of-control minotaur and in the process suffers a serious injury to his ribs. As Cai struggles to breathe, a gorgeous suit-clad sy’lph with mesmerising blue eyes races to his rescue. When it’s learned that the minotaur was poisoned, the sy’lph, Gray, makes it his personal mission to keep Cai and his family safe.

Cai has always harboured some resentment towards the sy’lph because of their easy acceptance into the community, so the attraction he feels for Gray takes him by surprise. But how can they find out what this might mean when the lives of Cai and his family are endangered by someone closer than they realise?

*~*~About Brego~*~*

Elyzabeth says: At 3 years old, happy-go-lucky Brego is always eager to play with anyone that pays an inkling of attention to him. His favorite games include fetch and tug-o-war, though he also enjoys frolicking in the grass with his buddies. Brego is always up for long walks, car rides and agility training practice. He’s a firm believer in world peace, especially around older or larger dogs.

Klaus wants to know....

     ...If elected POATD (President of All the Dogs) what would be your first act in office?

Brego: Free tennis balls for everyone! Balls! Balls! Balls!

And what book is Brego bringing us today...?

James Macintosh is hours away from his new home. He is ready to start a secluded life away from all the rumors, insults and disgusted faces concerning his appearance. However, a meeting with a mysterious woman and her child, mingled with a sudden harsh snowstorm will set him down a very different path than the one he had originally envisioned.
Richard Randywine is an accidental fugitive living with a band of rowdy thieves. A good man at heart, he has gotten used to hiding his emotions behind his strapping muscles and brute strength.  Yet, when the thieves ambush an unsuspecting rider, Richard is forced to drop his mask and step forward.
Will both men be able to see what lies before them or will they be blind to the possibility of happiness?

Available from Evernight Publishing

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*~*~About Ginger~*~*

Elyzabeth says: Born almost 13 years ago, Ginger is not your ordinary dog. One glance from her and you’ll either feel fear or never ending love. She can be the sweetest dog in town, but if you don’t give her a piece of that something you’re eating she’ll give you a look you’ll never forget. When she’s not scavenging for food, she enjoys taking long naps, letting you know her mind, or collecting sticks. She might not see or hear too well, anymore, but her spirit is as lively as a puppy’s!

Klaus wants to know....

     ...For Ginger, aside from casual posing, what are you a World Champion of?

Ginger: Getting food. All I have to do is look cute, lick my lips, occasionally pout a little and everyone falls prey to my charms. 

And what book is Ginger bringing us today...?

Ambushed, captured and sold...

After losing his best friend, Wybert is forced to give up his life as a mercenary and become a pleasure slave. The daunting task becomes harder than expected when the attraction to his slave master goes beyond the bedchamber.

Izz-Sarava was content with his life as the Zshanti's slave master until the new serf appeared. Somehow, under his presence, his control slips and his heart becomes exposed.

As their feelings develop, will they be able to overcome a past that haunts them to pursue a future together?

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