Sunday, September 14, 2014

HAT PARTY PETS! Princess Puck and Max LOVE #LGBT Romance plus Amazon giftcard #GIVEAWAY!

Welcome back to Hat Party Pets! 

It's pretty late and I'm one sleepy dachshund, but I can't help staying up to talk to tonight Hat Party Pets guests...! They are awesome and so are their humans!

We're also still running our September Rafflecopter with new ways to enter. (I let Raine take care of that stuff...) So make sure you enter! There's an giftcard as the prize.

My guests today are Princess Puck and Max. As different as two animals can be but equally as awesome!

-- Klaus J. Mousington & Raine O'Tierney

*~*~About Princess Puck~*~*

MB Mulhall says:  Princess Puck is an eight month old African Pygmy Hedgehog. She loves running all night long and aspires to be an interior decorator, rearranging her cage every night. She is quite the picky eater but loves the scent of baby wipes and make up removal towels. Her mommy loves to dress her up and take a ton of pictures. Puck isn't so fond of the one-eyed box with the bright light, put she puts up with it for her parents. She loves snuggling and going on adventures. She's a happy hog who won't share the hedge.  

Klaus wants to know....

    ...If Princess Puck were running for mayor, would she run a clean campaign or do a little mud-slinging?

If Puck were in politics she would run a clean campaign, promising mealworms and clean wheels for all!

And what book is Princess Puck bringing us today...?

Secrets. Their weight can be crushing, but their release can change everything—and not necessarily for the better. Ian is no stranger to secrets. Being a gay teen in a backwater southern town, Ian must keep his orientation under wraps, especially since he spends a lot of time with his hands all over members of the same sex, pinning their sweaty, hard bodies to the wrestling mat. 

When he’s trying not to stare at teammates in the locker room, he’s busy hiding another secret—that he starves himself so he doesn’t get bumped to the next weight class. 

Enter Julian Yang, an Adonis with mesmerizing looks and punk rocker style. Befriending the flirtatious artist not only raises suspicion among his classmates, but leaves Ian terrified he’ll give in to the desires he’s fought to ignore. 

As secrets come to light, Ian’s world crumbles. Disowned, defriended, and deserted by nearly everyone, Ian’s one-way ticket out of town is revoked, leaving him trapped in a world he hates—and one that hates him back.

Available from Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | B&N

*~*~About Max ("Scooty")~*~*

Debbie McGowan saysLike a lot of border collies, Max has got a touch of OCD. He’d been in three separate homes by the time he was six months old, which was when we brought him home with us. His obsessions: mostly it’s chasing shadows, which is how he ended up with the nickname to which he answers: Scooty. He’s an elderly gentleman now (fourteen and a half), so the shadows get a little more peace than they used to, and he doesn’t hear too well, but he’s happy in his little Scooty world, and when he’s in the mood for kisses, he’s really in the mood for kisses. He’s a proper little smoocher. Mostly these days he just likes to chill out in the garden, watching the world go by.

Klaus wants to know....

     ...Would Max rather be a big city CEO or a run a farm out in the country?

Max would most definitely rather run a farm out in the country. Even though he has a poorly leg, he still loves his morning walk (only over to the park across the road these days), but he’s a typical collie – whatever the weather, he loves being out in it.

And what series is Max bringing us today...?

Red Hot Christmas

After a year in the public eye, Kris takes stock of his personal life and the impact of his decisions on the people he loves. It's an emotional time for all concerned, but there's still much to celebrate, plus an added dash of hot festive humour to ease in the season. (Adult Content)


A standalone short story in the 'Hiding Behind The Couch' series.

Note: If you are reading the series in order, this follows from 'In The Stars Part II' and contains minor spoilers.

A Midnight Clear

It's a cold, desperate December when a young girl flees
home, in search of food, shelter and the real Santa Claus. Stranded in George and Josh's hometown, she discovers that the spirit of Christmas can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Includes the story of The Little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Andersen.


A standalone short story in the 'Hiding Behind The Couch' series.

Note: If you are reading the series in order, this follows from 'In The Stars Part II' and contains minor spoilers.

Check out the Hiding Behind the Couch Series page for more information on the entire series.

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