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EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: Rebecca Cohen's Idolatry plus #Giveaway!

Book Name: Idolatry (Reagalos: Book 2 – Sequel to Servitude)
Author Name: Rebecca Cohen
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Shobana Apu

Upon taking the throne as High Lord of Katraman and Liege of Scura, Lornyc Reagalos’s focus on rebuilding one city and reassuring another leaves little time for his husband, Methian. Added to that, he must contend with is the unexpected revelation that his grandfather, Romanus, set up his own religion and named an enigmatic figure called The One as its deity. Through some twisted interpretation of the signs left by Romanus, the Cerulean Cult comes to believe Lornyc is their god and invites him to sanctify the Cult as part of its five-hundred-year anniversary. During the Sanctification Ceremony, the Cult’s holy relic, an orb given to it by Romanus, is split, releasing an entity that tears a hole in the dimensions. The species that guards the dimensions, the Valen, force Lornyc to fix the breach, or they will have him extinguished.


Novice Wells handed Lornyc a blue folder. Across its surface were a number of elaborate, golden swirls. “That’s your welcome pack,” he said proudly. “This will give you an overview of our mission and includes a poster of The Holy Profit’s Eight Decrees.”

Lornyc felt as if his heart had dropped into his stomach. His mind whirled at the potential decrees his grandfather could have made. “So, name and contact details please,” began Novice Wells, his pen poised over a form.

The small part of Lornyc’s brain that wasn’t horrified at what he’d learned so far about Romanus’s cult stopped his mouth from spitting out his true identity. “Erm, Jervis and Elbert Miller, and this is Millie, our wife.”

After a few more false details, and a not insubstantial amount of cash, Novice Wells signed the bottom of the form and pushed it over to Lornyc to do the same. He quickly scanned the tiny small print at the bottom of the page, noting that he was agreeing to a substantial donation per month and a commitment for a minimum of two years. With a flourish, he signed Jervis Miller and his spouses over to the Cult.

Novice Wells smiled broadly. “Right, if you’ll bear with me. I’ll just go and see if one of the brothers is free to show you around the Orb Temple.”

“Millie Miller?” hissed Diam as they were left to wait. “Where the hell did that come from?”

“And Elbert?” asked Methian in an equally unimpressed tone. Lornyc ignored them and picked up the welcome pack, then flicked through the paraphernalia. Mostly it was shiny blue paper covered with smiling faces and their story of how joining the Cerulean Cult had changed their lives for the better. However, none of this interested Lornyc. What he wanted to know was what his grandfather had set down as the rules by which his followers should lead their lives. Tucked into the back of the folder was the poster:


1. Once you enter the Cult, you must stay until you deem fit to leave after your first two years. Boredom or poverty are just two of many acceptable reasons.

2. Chastity, hard work, and servitude are nice concepts but not strictly necessary, and are in fact frowned upon.

3. There is nothing wrong with being materialistic as long as you share your good fortune with the Cult. (Between 10 and 15 percent voluntary contribution, dependent on gross income.)

4. A vow of silence is pointless. How would you spread the righteous words of your Profit? Loud, boisterous behavior is encouraged.

5. The future is not only already written but underlined heavily in red. Fighting your fate won’t help you.

6. Meat should be eaten with all meals and preferably washed down with a suitable beverage (e.g., beef and red wine, fish with white wine, and porridge with white beer). Under no circumstances should you consume sweet wine—it is an abomination to a holy palate.

7. The Brothers are there to help and guide you. There will always be someone available to talk to about planning for your future, including investment and providing for your old age. Will writing a specialty.

8. Believe in The One. When he arrives, all will change for the better.

About the Author: Rebecca Cohen is a Brit abroad. Having swapped the Thames for the Rhine, she has left London behind and now lives with her husband and baby son in Basel, Switzerland. She can often be found with a pen in one hand and a cup of Darjeeling in the other.

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