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INTERVIEW: Adrian J. Smith plus #Giveaway!

Hello Adrian and welcome to The Hat Party! <3 Thank you so much for subjecting yourself to the RANDOMNESS that is a Raine O'Tierney interview! Please don your best hat, and let's get started!

On a scale 1 (super chill) to 10 (falling apart at the seams) how cool are you when it comes to reviews?!

I’m pretty super chill, probably a 2 or a 3 on that scale. That doesn’t mean I don’t get upset at a  bad review or freak out at a good review. I just don’t go to extremes.

You’ve been given the opportunity to go back in time and give your 13-year-old self a message. What do you say?

The next two years are going to be shit. Starting now, they’re going to get bad and it’s not going to look like it’s gonna get better. It will. Eventually. And hey! You know that dream of being published? Guess what?! It is in no way the genre you expect, but it happens!

So, you were editing along and zombies attack. And they are on fire! What do you do?

Ugh. I hate zombies, like in general. I’d probably shut the door and lock it. I doubt they would be able to be smart enough to figure out how to open the door. But I also live in tornado alley, so I could also go to one of the storm shelters. And people wonder why those who live in Kansas always survive in the post-apocalyptic/dystopian pieces.

What one food item do you consider to be your arch nemesis?


Describe yourself using a literary quote.

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” ~W. Somerset Maugham—I’m someone who doesn’t follow conventional rules, in any aspect of my life.

You have 200 words—Make. Me. Swoon. (PLEASE!)

Not my typical genre, but here you go…I’m actually going to do an excerpt from Fallen from Grace, since it’ll be easier for me.

“Now… where were we?”
Grace grinned. Getting back up on top of Amya, she bent her head until her lips brushed against Amya’s. She slowly skimmed her hand up Amya’s shirt to her breast and smirked.
“Right about here, I think.”
“I agree.”
Amya reached up and pulled Grace’s mouth on top of hers. They kissed, embracing each other and touching each other in each way possible. Grace had Amya’s shirt off and her pants undone when she heard her name in the same annoying tone as before.
“Grace, stop.”
Amya grinned. “One more thing.”
“What one more thing?”
She was exasperated, and if she was interrupted one more time, she wasn’t sure she would be able to go back to wanting Amya hot and sweaty underneath her. Grace stared down at Amya with a hard look in her eye and frown forming on her face.
“I love you.”
“You couldn’t have just said that?” Grace laughed. Bending down, she gave Amya a loud kiss on the lips. “I love you, too! Now can I fuck you?”
“You better.”

What makes you inexplicably happy?

It’s the little things. I went on a trip to Toronto to a science fiction convention. The thing that excited me the most was on the way back we stopped at Niagara Falls and I got to ride on the boat! I was jumping up and down I was so excited and happy about it.

Sing us a song!

*clears throat* It starts with an S and it ends with T. It comes out of you, and it comes out of me. I know what you’re thinking, it might be called that, but be scientific and call it Scat!

And that’s what I get for having a scientist as a mother.

Biggest mistake you’ve made in your writing career and what you’ve learned from it.

I believe I published Forever Burn, my debut novel, too early. I’m pretty sure this is a common mistake, but I didn’t do the editing as well as I could have, and I’ve learned a lot from it. While the novel isn’t horrible, I cringe when looking at it. So many grammatical issues! Maybe someday, I’ll go through, edit it again and put out a second version.

And finally, for THE most important question of all: what kinds of dachshunds are the BEST kinds of dachshunds?

Ummm fluffy ones?

~ ~ ~

Book Name: For by Grace
Author Name: Adrian J. Smith
Cover Artist: Heidi DeCausemaker
Publisher: Supposed Crimes, LLC

Being a Sheriff’s Deputy is not all about saving lives and arresting criminals, and each day Grace wonders if she’ll make it home. 

While kids at the schools Deputy Grace Halling visits see her as the knight in blue-cotton armor, people involved in the cases she is dispatched to have a different opinion. She has every confidence in her ability to do her job and arrest criminals. She easily takes down a knife-wielding woman and a drunken combatant teenager without hesitation. Everyone—victim, suspect, or witness—has a story to tell or to lie about, and Grace is never perturbed by their tales.

That all changes when she looks down the barrel of a gun. She loses confidence in her ability as a deputy, she loses trust in herself and fellow officers, and she struggles to stay afloat as shift after shift passes. Grace cannot find her rhythm of being a deputy again. And when the Police Chaplain unexpectedly barges into her life, her personal and professional lives are flipped upside down. Grace struggles to find her even ground, worrying that the next time she stares a murderer in the face will be the last.

Deputy Halling tensed her shoulders as her cruiser sped up—she was always ready for the next suspect. The truck was already four blocks ahead of her and did not look to be slowing down. She reached up and hit the mouthpiece of the radio at her shoulder, tilting her head as she spoke. “337—speeder on Hosmer and 126th, heading northbound. Red Ford Ranger, early model, plate is boy-boy-charles-seven-zero-nine. In pursuit.”
“10-4,” dispatch responded.
Hitting the gas, Grace got as close to the truck as possible. They weaved in and out of traffic, cars pulling over to the side and hitting their brakes as the driver either caught sight of the truck or heard her sirens. He blasted through a red light, horns beeping continuously at him as she drove to catch up.
              Grace slammed on her brakes. She let out a quick breath as a black mustang came to a forceful stop, letting her drive past them. She picked up her speed, scanning the roadway ahead to try and see where the Ford had gone. Biting her lip, Grace cocked her head to the side, skimming the intersections to make sure everyone had stopped or was coming to a stop before she went through them. One car was too close of a call for her.

Avaialble from Amazon US | Smashwords | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | iTunes |Amazon CA


*What inspired you to write For by Grace?

I wanted to tell a crime story that was more true to reality than the ones I normally read or see on television. This is a police procedural, and while I do stretch the truth a bit, it’s far more based in reality than NYPD Blue or Law & Order.

I was also inspired by the religious aspects. Religion is a large part of my life as are chaplains, and I wanted to make sure they were a part of the story as well. Hence, Chaplain Stone and Peter Schultz, two of my favorite people.

*Is there anything special you’d like us to know about your book?

The dog toward the end, Izzy, is modeled after my dog I had growing up. We used to call her DizzyIzzy because she was insane and would run around like a maniac. She was an all-American dog, mixed in every which way possible, but the dog in the novel? That Izzy, she’s much more behaved than the real Izzy.

*What are your hopes for this title?

My hopes are that it sells! Which is has thus far. It ranked in the top 100 for just under two months on Amazon, so I guess that makes me an Amazon Best Seller, though I’m not going to claim it much. I hope this novel continues to sell. It’s been suggest I put it into an audiobook and I do believe my mother is still holding out for it to become a television series. We’ll see, only time will tell what will happen with this book and the series as a whole. 

About the Author: Adrian J. Smith, or "AJ" as she is often called, is a part time writer with an epic imagination, sharp wit, and kind heart that gets her into a bit of trouble when it comes to taking in all the neighborhood stray cats. Being obsessed with science fiction, Smith often goes off on tangents about the space-time continuum. She is also a part time lunatic with a secretive past. It's been rumored that she was once a spy for the government, but anyone who has gotten close enough to know the truth has never lived to tell the tale. When traveling around the world on various classified tasks, Smith requires the following be provided: buffalo jerky, mimosas, and eighty six pennies. This is all we know about the reclusive woman.

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