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INTERVIEW: Penny Hudson plus #Giveaway!

Today we're talking to the lovely Penny Hudson who comes to us with her beautiful hat (plus a BONUS hat!) and a giveaway! Check out the end of her interview for details.

Hello Penny and welcome to The Hat Party <3 Thank you so much for subjecting yourself to the RANDOMNESS that is a Raine O'Tierney interview! Please don your best hat, and let's get started!

*I tip my hat to you* Thank you for hosting me, I am delighted to be here! My fancy warm winter hat came from a vacation to Colorado a few months ago.

When did you first get super serious about becoming a Capital A, Published Author?

Two years ago my favorite TV show went to the big box o' reruns in the sky. Like all devoted fandoms, we ignored the ending and tried to organize a virtual season 6. I went totally method and wrote my stories in script format (which I'd always been fascinated with). Then I realized for all practical purposes, I'd accidentally finished my first spec script. I could enter it into writing contests. I didn't come close to winning, but I received very positive feedback and that convinced me to write more. Soon I branched out beyond scripts to short stories and novels.

What is your superpower? What is your Kryptonite?

My superpower is turning innocent statements into filthy innuendo and my Kryptonite is not doing it in front of my parents. Oh the awkward silences I have caused...

Give a shout-out to another author who may, or may not, know how much you appreciate them.

Oh dear, there are so many authors who have helped me along the way. I don't really want to leave anyone out! There's a baker's dozen just in the Dreamspinner family who've helped and offered me advice. Charley Descoteaux and Charlie Cochet both sent me wonderfully detailed step-by-step messages about how to do blog tours. Elin Gregory invited me to write a post for her blog almost instantly. Everyone I've met since (and before!) signing my contract has been cheerful about helping the hapless newbie. The writing community has been so welcoming, it's amazing.

Have you ever tried collaborating? Why or why not?

I did collaborate back in my fandom days and while it worked out then, we were always drawing on established characters and canon settings, so the fiddly details were already known. I've only cowritten short pieces, 5k or less. I can't see myself doing it for an entire novel because I'm a huge pantser. Cowriting is easier for plotters, I think. (Plotters go into battle with detailed outlines and rarely deviate, whereas pantsers are fueled by whimsy and panic, writing by the seat of their pants until stuff...just...happens.)

I tend to tie my plot lines together after the first draft is finished, (or realize I'm 20k short and need to shoehorn in another subplot) which isn't a method conducive to cowriting. If I get a brilliant idea and change something (Oh! They're really childhood enemies!) halfway through the first draft, I'll write the rest of it without bothering to change anything already written until then next draft. Which is really rough on a cowriter trying to stay keep up when I'm all over the place like a ferret on crack.

Writing together isn't just writing the words, it's also melding the styles and smoothing the edges into a cohesive whole. A ton of work goes into successful cowriting. I'm in awe of people like Jody Lynn Nye who can coauthor with a hundred different people. I've never been able to pick out which parts she wrote compared to which parts the other author wrote.

You can go back to any point in your life to give you past self a pep-talk. How old is your past self and what do you say?

I'd go to my college self and say, "Quit taking writing advice from people who don't write. You can do this if you want to. There's no exclusive mystery you have to solve. You can do more with an English degree than teach Shakespeare to eighth-graders. You're overthinking this. Just write."

What is your super secret, wildest, most outlandish writing dream?

Writing TV drama.

You have 200 words—Make. Me. Swoon. (PLEASE!)

Martin's yes rolled back and he shuddered, clutching Alex's shoulders for support as Alex gripped him tight and jacked him slowly.

"God, yes. I want you, I want you everywhere...." Martin's pleas trailed off into another deep, needy sigh.

Alex shimmied out of his own boxers and shifted until he could touch himself, pressing their cocks together and feeling the slide of silky-smooth skin and rough curls under his hand. He let out a groan and sucked helplessly on an especially sensitive spot on Martin's throat, making the other man quiver with barely suppressed need.

What is your favorite smell in the world and what does it remind you of?

Books, and also books! To quote Author Shappley, they're BRILLIANT!

Your thoughts on libraries: GO!

I take the existence of libraries as proof there is a god. I could not afford to buy books for most of my life. (New paperbacks are equal to almost two hours at minimum wage! A hardback is worth half a tank of gas!) but I had an excellent librarian who would order books I requested. Now I live within walking distance of a library and I'm there at least once a week. Libraries and used book stores are my favorite places. They're quiet and smell nice. :D

And finally, for THE most important question of all: what kinds of dachshunds are the BEST kinds of dachshunds?

The wiggly, fuzzy, puppy kind! With their cute little sniffy noses and little puppy toes and waggy tails.

~ ~ ~

Veteran park ranger Alexander Doyle is tracking a nuisance bear when he runs across obnoxious environmentalist Martin Ramirez. He and Martin have clashed before, when Martin and the protestors under his leadership ended a plan to expand the network of paved trails and improve accessibility. Given a choice, Alex would rather face the bear.

When the dangerous grizzly attacks them and Martin is gravely wounded, his only chance of survival is Alex’s determination to keep him alive through the night. But they’re stranded miles from any hope of rescue with the year’s first snowstorm coming in fast.


The excerpt is the moment when Alex is distracted from the bear's trail by a hiker who exists to be a massive thorn in his side, Martin Ramirez.

Alex’s lip lifted in a sneer. Fancy finding him all the way out here. For a moment he forgot he was trailing a bear that had already killed two people. He called out to the other man.
“It’s a little out of the way for a protest, don’t you think?”
He was gratified to see Martin jolt and drop his expensive camera. Pity he had a strap around his neck, and it didn’t plunge all the way to the bottom.
“What the hell?” Martin spun around and snapped right back, recognizing him immediately. “Doyle, it’s a free country. I can hike and take pictures if I want to.” He sounded rather petulant for a man pushing fifty, but he still acted like it was the 60s. Go flower power and all that crap.
Alex rubbed his shoulders against the tree, idly scratching his back. “I’m not after you, you big twat. Have you seen a grizzly? Two yellow tags?” He didn’t expect Martin to do something as civilized as help him, and he wasn’t disappointed.
Martin paused, considered his answer, and then jutted his chin out and glared. Alex had two decades of experience dealing with tourists, summertime volunteers, cheating boyfriends, and random idiots. Like the idiot standing in front of him. He knew he was about to hear a lie even before Martin answered like sugar wouldn’t melt in his mouth.
“No sir, Mr. Ranger, sir,” he said sweetly. “I haven’t seen anything bigger than a bird all day. Can I assist you further, Mr. Ranger, sir?”
“Don’t fuck with me,” Alex snarled, and walked to meet him on the edge. He could still see the girl’s mangled body if he closed his eyes. He jabbed a finger toward Martin’s chest, disgusted that he had ever bothered to ogle him from the treeline. It just wasn’t fair that someone so useless could have such a nice ass. Martin looked down at his finger and raised one perfect eyebrow.
“I don’t have time for your bleeding heart—”
The sharp crack of a stick breaking in the forest interrupted him.
“Shut up,” Alex growled, even though Martin wasn’t talking at that moment. He wheeled around to face the woods, rifle ready. “Just shut up. It’s here.”

Winter's Risk is available from Dreamspinner Press, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon India, Kobo, and All Romance Ebooks, which has a much longer excerpt posted.

You can always find me hanging out on my blog and as @AnyPennyH, where I talk about beer and hiking just as often as books and movies.


*What inspired you to write the book you’re promoting?

A friend dared me to take a trope and bend it into a logical story. I picked 'huddling for warmth', which is a first cousin to 'snowed in' and the bastard lovechild of 'fuck or die' and 'enemies to lovers'. The rest of it just sort of...happened....

*Is there anything special you’d like us to know about your book?

I did a lot of research because I didn't want the bear to be the automatic villain. 'Of COURSE the bear attacked him! That's what bears do!' Except...it's not. Bears don't normally attack people unless other stuff is going on, so I was able to incorporate some basic leave-no-trace camping principles and stuff of that nature. About nature.

*What are your hopes for this title?

It's my first release, so it'll forever be the first thing on my back catalog when new readers go looking for what else I've written. I hope it stands the test of time and remains a solid little story about two guys, a grizzly bear, and a cold night with only one sleeping bag.


This is my second favorite hat. I made the hat myself and cosplayed as the entire 'Vincent and the Doctor' episode of Doctor Who at DragonCon last year. The guy's just some random dude in a 'Keep Austin Weird' hat.

*It's not*

*It's Gareth David Lloyd*



I'm giving away a copy of Winter's Risk to a randomly selected commenter once the tour ends. To enter, just comment on this post. The giveaway is open until July 21st.

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I hang out on twitter @AnyPennyH and chatter about beer and movies as often as books. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.


  1. Hi, loved this interview and the extract from your new book :) I understand what you mean about books and libraries, I worked as an assistant librarian after leaving college and before that I spent every opportunity I could either being in a library with my nose stuck in a book or getting work experience in the public and university libraries. One of things I enjoyed was been able to view the books not out on general view, some of these were really old books and had to be handled with special gloves and under certain conditions.

    Thank you for this giveaway and a chance to win your book. :)

    1. Wow, being able to read the books not out on general view sounds kind of like having a backstage pass to a rock concert! I'd nerd out every chance I got. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, and thank you for the lovely comment. <3

    2. They had to hunt me out sometimes as you would not believe the books I was able to view and find burrowed amongst the archives, some were risqué English translations of foreign texts and one was a handwritten manuscript of Jane Austen's. But saying that you have met Ianto! :)

      I am following you on Twitter, so you have a new lurker ;)

  2. Replies
    1. I have counted you in! Thanks for entering :D