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INTERVIEW: Kate Whitaker

Today we're talking to Kate Whitaker whose hat BLOWS ME AWAY! Kate is author of the paranormal series Uncommon Animals.

Hello Kate and welcome to The Hat Party! <3 Thank you so much for subjecting yourself to the RANDOMNESS that is a Raine O'Tierney interview! Please don your best hat, and let's get started!

On a scale 1 (super chill) to 10 (falling apart at the seams) how cool are you when it comes to reviews?!

Reviews? What are those? But seriously, I'll say that the bad ones don't bother me, but I'd put money on a massive chocolate binge for the first fifty or so bad ones.
So like a 4?

You’ve been given the opportunity to go back in time and give your 13-year-old self a message. What do you say? 

You're really going to need pay attention to your grammar lessons. I know it's silly, but trust me, in two decades you'll be banging your head against the wall. Also, stock up on flannels and combat boots. They go out fashion in a few years, which is a total shame.

Be totally honest. How awesome would you be at leading a moon colony?

Terrible. I'd be better at organizing the notes and bringing coffee to the leader.

You have 200 words—Make. Me. Swoon. (PLEASE!)

This is from my upcoming novella, Hunter's Moon.

“OK, you’re freaking me out.” Matty inched towards the man and grabbed his arm. “You need-” Dean lips took every word out of Matty’s head.  As the kiss went on, his skin rose in goosebumps. He raised a hand, but had no idea what to do with it.
Then Dean pulled away and moved to the farthest corner of the couch. “Goddammit, I am so sorry.”
Matty tried to find words, but his mind was still focused on that kiss.
Dean’s eyes were closed and his breathing labored. “Say something, please.”
Matty blinked, once, twice. “There’s a joke here somewhere about you having a type, but I can’t articulate it at the moment.”
To Matty’s relief, Dean smiled, though he didn’t open his eyes. “I deserve that. And seriously, do I get something alcoholic now?”
“No alcohol. We survive this and I’ll have Rick take you to Rita’s. You two can get drunk with demons hunters.”
“Why won’t you come with me- us?” Dean finally opened his eyes.
“Dzubenko messed with my brain, gave me too many commands. I’m… damaged. I have issues going out in public.”
Dean’s eyes grew hot and Matty found himself blushing, yet unable to look away.

So, you were editing along and zombies attack. And they are on fire! What do you do?

Run! Run like the coward I am.

What part of the writing process makes you inexplicably happy?

Writing dialogue. I love snarky, snappy dialogue.

What one food item do you consider to be your arch nemesis?

Onions. They smell like armpits to me, and the husband puts them in everything.

Describe yourself using a literary quote.

"If you must mount the gallows, give a jest to the crowd, a coin to the hangman, and make the drop with a smile on your lips."
Birgitte Silverbow - The Wheel of Time

Biggest mistake you’ve made in your writing career and what you’ve learned from it.

Letting other people opinions bother me. It sounds really egotistical, but I'm a woman who self-publishes urban fantasy with a Hispanic female lead. People are going to look down on what I do. So I can get upset and cry when someone tells me I'm writing self-indulgent crap, or I can give them the finger and do what I love.

And finally, for THE most important question of all: what kinds of dachshunds are the BEST kinds of dachshunds?

Baby dachshunds! When their little heads are still too big for their tiny bodies and they tip over because they're top heavy!

~ ~ ~

When a demon gets into the bar, Rita has no choice but to call Mina. Can she fight without her partner there to plan it and can she trust the demon hunters not to turn on her while she helps?

It’s $0.99, free to read and lend if you have Amazon Prime. This is the sixth of the seven planned stories in the Uncommon Animals series. And the others can be found at

About the Author:

Lover of the paranormal and the fantastical, co-creatrix of musical fandoms, and collector of good stories. Kate Whitaker writes from the rocky forests of eastern Pennsylvania
Find her at:

Google+: +KateWhitaker
Twitter: @Edie'sHaven


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